Top 3 Legal Protections for Canadian Online Entrepreneurs

Make sure you have the essential legal foundations in place so you can grow your business online with confidence and peace of mind.

In This Masterclass



Why a Privacy Policy is Required by Law

Find out how your website may be collecting personal information and why this matters to your business.


How Disclaimers Can Protect You

Learn how you can use legal disclaimers to shift responsibility and avoid liability when things go wrong.


How to Own Your Content

Make sure that you protect the content that you create and do not use other people's stuff without their permission.


Online Legal Template Library

Don't want to break the bank or spin your wheels figuring all this legal stuff out yourself, I'll tell you where to find the roadmap and the made-in-Canada templates to make it happen.

Don't know what you don't know- until now.

Want to avoid getting sued because you missed something big? You are not alone. In fact you are in good company.

Most business owners struggle with or ignore the legal essentials because they don't know where to start. 

They know they are not yet at a stage where they can hire a law firm on retainer to answer every question, but what is the alternative?

A Note From Your Legal Guide

I've been a real live Canadian business lawyer since 2002.

I've answered many frantic calls and stayed up late charging many billable hours to small business owners.  My clients always loved me until they got my giant bill.  

But I have seen the light and found a better way. 

I've distilled and documented all of my hard earned knowledge for business owners in Canada who are doing business online.

Join me to hear how you can take immediate steps to protect yourself online without leaving the comfort of your favourite chair or without wearing a mask.